Sizzle Fizzle: Walmart’s Sizzling Online Summer |

It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing — time to see what Sizzled and what Fizzled this week. Sizzle Uber: Retooling is helping Uber gain some traction, and is garnering some positive reaction from drivers. Along with its “180 Days of Change” initiative, the company debuted tipping in June, and the cha-ching accruing to the drivers has already been notable. How much cha-ching? How about $50 million in tips? Turns out Uber drivers like it of course, and so do ridesharing riders. That sentiment is also borne out by the $250 million in tips that have come through rival Lyft’s service. Chinese consumer: Truly acting upon the global stage, the Chinese consumer has captured the attention and efforts of companies including Baidu and PayPal. The latter released data this past week showing some sizzle in terms of online shopping, as surveyed across Chinese customers in five major cities. Cross-border buying remains strong, with a survey showing 51 percent of consumers shopped on foreign

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