VIVA e-MEXICO: Amazon, Alibaba And Walmart Are Investing Heavily South Of The Border | The Daily Caller

While U.S. politicians argue about a border wall with Mexico, leading ecommerce companies are ignoring the rhetoric and battling for position in this promising Latin American market.

Online shopping in Mexico has been slower to catch on than in the U.S. But with online sales in Mexico expected to more than double to nearly $18 billion over the next three years, the major global ecommerce players are moving into high gear. Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba are all making significant investments to capture a larger share of Mexico’s fast-growing market.

As the three global leaders go mano a mano in the battle for online sales, they are creating new opportunities for U.S. and international investors in both inbound and outbound commerce. No matter which ecommerce platform comes out on top, Mexico’s logistics, finance, retail and technology infrastructure will need an infusion of capital to support the increased flow of goods and services.

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