The Amazon Effect: 3 Tips For Retail Brands | MarTech Advisor

For brands looking to overhaul their Amazon operations, there are 3 key areas that will need to be tackled first to help your business build a strong foundation on Amazon:

1. Improve product searchability on Amazon (‘Amazon SEO’)
On Amazon, the majority of shoppers are unlikely to browse past Pages 1-2 in search results. Your goal is to continually work to improve the visibility of your products and optimize your rankings to ensure your products are displayed higher than your competitors in Amazon’s search results.

‘Amazon SEO’ refers to the process of creating & optimizing the content of your product listings to improve your product visibility on Amazon. By ensuring your keywords and content are both optimized, you will be able to increase your sales velocity, and in turn, this will boost your product’s organic rankings in Amazon search results.

2. Run Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns
We’re already seeing marketers and agencies shift more ad dollars to AMS, with data showing that Amazon ads convert better simply because customers are already there to purchase. With CPCs on Amazon’s ad platform substantially lower than Google AdWords, marketers are also seeing a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) compared to AdWords.

In particular, Sponsored Products ads, the most popular ad format available in AMS, have proved to be extremely lucrative for marketers armed with a robust keyword targeting strategy and a sound understanding of how Pay-per-Click (‘PPC’) advertising works on Amazon.

3. Protect your brand equity
It’s very likely that your branded products will also be sold by resellers in the Amazon marketplace. However, these resellers will not necessarily care about your brand image or make the effort to ensure the listing content for your product is accurate and aligned with the branding efforts across your other online distribution channels.

It will be your responsibility to ensure the content for all your products sold on Amazon is accurate and aligned with your brand image. You will also want to take a proactive approach with managing customer reviews, and your goal is to ensure all customer questions are answered within the shortest time frame possible. In an ideal scenario, you would always be the first one to respond to questions about your product.

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