Jet Brings Wider Selection To eCommerce Site |

To better compete with AmazonJet is revamping its eCommerce website. The updates include a larger selection of items along with speedier delivery, among other features, as the company seeks to tailor customers’ experiences based on their past purchases and zip codes, CNBC reported.

“Our plan is to be more relevant for what you’re shopping for,” David Echegoyen, Jet’s chief customer officer, told CNBC. “Spotify does this really well with music. It gets better the more you use it. And that’s the same approach we want to take to retail.”

In addition, the site plans to offer more local brands, along with quicker delivery for customers in New York. Jet customers in some areas will be able to have groceries delivered through Parcel within a three-hour window. In terms of brands, items from Converse and Nike will be available on the site starting in October. (Nike items were previously available for purchase from third parties.)

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