Ad Platform Gives SMBs A Shot At Media Revenue |

Self-service retail tools have gained momentum over the last week, as SMBs look to make the digital shift a consistent part of their business. Facebook, Instagram and Shopify’s social selling tools have been met with a positive reception, and now the advertising platform Criteo is giving SMBs access to consumer data and a line to monetizing eCommerce sites through media.

Criteo’s self-service Retail Media Platform will enable the placement of brand-sponsored advertising within retailers’ eCommerce sites and apps. The company aims to help newly online sellers drive incremental revenue by giving brands and agencies the infrastructure and data to manage retail media campaigns. The platform will deliver consent-based, personalized advertising without relying on third-party cookies, which Google says will be phased out in 2021.

“Retail media was already growing, but we have seen an increase of dollars flowing to it in the past two months,” said David Hutchinson, VP of marketplace and retailer optimization for iProspect. “Brands now more than ever need the right solutions to reach and engage consumers on the websites and apps of their omnichannel retail partners, and to tie media spend to sales outcomes. Criteo’s new platform provides the transparency and control we need to meet client objectives.”

Source: Ad Platform Gives SMBs A Shot At Media Revenue |