Amazon Expands Transparency Service to Japan & Australia | Nasdaq

Amazon AMZN is leaving no stone unturned to sustain its strong momentum among customers as well as sellers globally on the back of expanding product serialization service, namely Transparency.

The recent rollout of Amazon Transparency in Japan and Australia is a testament to the aforesaid fact.

Notably, the service applies unique T-shaped QR-style codes on products that enable brands to identify each unit of those products uniquely. Further, Transparency mobile app allows buyers to scan the codes for authenticity verification.

With the latest move, the company strives to deliver an enhanced shopping experience to customers in the above-mentioned countries by delivering authentic products via Transparency checks.

Thus, Amazon will now be able to offer protection against product counterfeits, which will serve the interests of buyers and sellers in Japan and Australia.

This, in turn, is expected to add strength to the e-commerce capabilities of Amazon in these two countries further.

Source: Amazon Expands Transparency Service to Japan & Australia | Nasdaq


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