Amazon’s No-Charge One-Hour Pickup At Whole Foods |

Amazon is rolling out free, one-hour grocery pickup at Whole Foods across the U.S. for Prime members, Amazon said in a statement on Wednesday (Oct. 21).

Minimum order for free pickup is $35 and can be placed through the Amazon app on the Whole Foods Market tab. Customers have reported that when using the app, wait time at the store is just one minute, Amazon said. The eCommerce giant was offering the pickup service previously, but only at some of the 487 Whole Foods stores across the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive move to online grocery shopping, home delivery and curbside pickup. It is expected that many will continue this way of shopping beyond the pandemic.

According to Global Data Research, almost 68 percent of consumers have said they will use curbside pickup even when the pandemic’s threat has passed. More than 40 percent of monthly Whole Foods orders are picked up by people using the service for the first time, Amazon said.

Source: Amazon: No-Charge One-Hour Pickup At Whole Foods |


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