Shopify’s ‘Rebel Army’ Of Retailers Advances In The Battle For Holiday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday broke records for e-commerce sales, and once again, the big guys – Amazon ,, and – got bigger.

But this year, in another sign of how much Covid-19 has changed retail, a lot of the really small guys got bigger too.The smallest e-commerce entrepreneurs were among the biggest winners during the holiday weekend, according to Shopify, the e-commerce platform used by more than one million businesses around the world.

Shopify tracked sales on its platform from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, and is declaring the weekend a win for small businesses, many of whom are new to the platform this year.

“Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2020 belongs to the small businesses. It’s obvious,” said Shopify President Harley Finkelstein, in an interview with

Shopify merchants rang up $5.1 billion in sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, up 76% over last year.

The biggest e-commerce giant of them all, Amazon, also called the holiday weekend a win for independent retailers, announcing in its blog today that sales by independents selling on Amazon reached $4.8 billion over the four-day period, up 60% over last year.

Source: Shopify’s ‘Rebel Army’ Of Retailers Advances In The Battle For Holiday Sales


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