TikTokers are building Amazon product recommendation empires | Modern Retail

At least once a day, Ryan Mulvany posts a video roundup of daily deals he stumbles across on Amazon. Mulvany, who goes by the username @Amazonoholic, fills his TikTok page with demos of Amazon products, including fabric shavers, 20k-bristle toothbrushes and peanut butter mixers.

While Mulvany said he finds most of those deals on his own, he is also an employee of Quiverr, an Amazon brand management company that both sells its own products and helps other sellers navigate Amazon. As his follower count has ballooned, he has started to mix in products owned by Quiverr alongside organic finds. One of his more popular recommendations — a chain-mail cast iron cleaner called The Ringer that even caught Jennifer Garner’s eye — is an Amazon-native product owned by Quiverr. Mulvany started to think, “Well, if I can become an influencer, then I can promote products that would benefit the broader company,” he explained to Modern Retail.

That makes Mulvany a unique player in TikTok’s growing Amazon commerce ecosystem. The video streaming app is famous for turning relatively innocuous products — a strawberry dress, cranberry juice — into bestsellers. But not all viral products are accidents. A loose network of TikTokers have built thriving empires out of finding and recommending niche Amazon products, driving millions of views to mostly random items they discover. They post using tags like #AmazonFinds, #FoundItOnAmazon or #AmazonMustHaves. Unlike Mulvany, however, few appear to be associated with existing brands.

Source: TikTokers are building Amazon product recommendation empires | Modern Retail


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