Shopify Challenges Incumbents In Online Grocery |

The events of the last year have enabled rapid growth for eCommerce platform Shopify, as stuck-at-home consumers turned to online shopping for purchases that would previously have been made in person. Though company executives predict that this growth will slow as consumers find their new normal amid the vaccine rollout, the platform’s latest addition moves into an industry that’s likely to remain an omnichannel experience for many shoppers in the years ahead: grocery.

Supplier GreenDropShip is launching an eCommerce app for Shopify that allows sellers to add natural and organic groceries to their online stores, reports Progressive Grocer. The platform — Shopify’s only grocery-selling app, according to GreenDropShip’s news release announcing the launch — makes it easy for merchants to import products from top brands into their stores. The app will grant these merchants access to more than 20,000 products from GreenDropShip’s inventory, which includes foods and beverages as well as non-edible goods in the aisles of local grocery stores: vitamins, skin care products and household necessities, among others.

“We created the GreenDropShip app to offer Shopify merchants a way to have seamless automation,” GreenDropShip Co-founder Allen Kaplun said in a statement. “It saves time and spares online resellers the expense and hassle of hiring a developer to build a solution, so Shopify merchants can save thousands in development costs.”

To use the GreenDropShip app for Shopify, sellers set up their account, enroll in a Dropship membership and download the app (there is a yearly fee for the former and a monthly fee to use the latter), add products to their stores and submit orders for all sales made to GreenDropShip, which automates the order fulfillment process.

Source: Shopify Challenges Incumbents In Online Grocery |


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