On-demand delivery: ‘What Amazon started, COVID finished’ | FreightWaves

The pandemic-fueled e-commerce delivery boom ensnared small and large retailers alike. For many of the bigger retailers, though, the ability to scale delivery operations quickly helped them respond in near real time. For those retailers that worked with third-party delivery companies, that scale came even faster.

“It was pretty easy to scale because new drivers got activated and our older drivers were engaged,” explained Marc Gorlin, founder and CEO of Roadie. “[It’s] the ability to flex in the same way you do during big retail seasons [like holiday shopping].”

Roadie is an “on-the-way” delivery platform that counts some of the nation’s largest retailers among its clients. The company leverages technology and gig economy drivers to handle last-mile, on-demand and same-day deliveries.

“Roadie thrives on episodic use of our drivers and with that, it allowed us to scale more easily during the pandemic,” Gorlin said. “We had days where it was 2,000% or 3,000% higher [volumes] than it might have been before the pandemic.”

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