Third-Party Subscriptions Come To Amazon |

Subscription boxes are nothing new for Amazon. Head over to the dedicated section of the Amazon site and take your pick: lip balm, vinyl records, men’s clothing …  these have all been among Amazon’s own subscription box offerings for consumers.

But close watchers will see that something new has come to Amazon’s subscription page: BarkBox, the well-known direct-to-consumer (D2C) pet products brand that offers heath treats tailored to a dog’s specific needs.

“Every box is created around a fun theme, so each month is a new adventure. BarkBox is more than just a box — it’s a celebration of you and your dog,” noted Amazon’s description of the service. A celebration that once upon a time, one could only get directly from BarkBox’s website.

And BarkBox is not the only D2C subscription player to recently make a second home for itself on Amazon. Tea Discovery has placed its on Amazon, as has D2C toy brand .

The Amazon marketplace for subscriptions, in short, is beginning to look a lot like the Amazon marketplace in general — not just a place to buy Amazon goods and services, though they do have plenty of their own on offer — but a place to buy everybody’s goods and services.

Amazon’s big third-party expansion in subscription services is a sensible one by the numbers. According to PYMNTS’ most recent Subscription Commerce Tracker, consumer interest in subscription services has exploded since the start of the pandemic: VoD subscriptions, educational subscriptions and, of course, substitutions for physical goods. A recent survey revealed that one-third of American consumers have signed up for subscription apps.

Source: Third-Party Subscriptions Come To Amazon |