How to create the right conditions for ecommerce in B2B | Marketing Week

For anyone working in B2B sales and marketing for the last 18 months, it’s a statement of the obvious that buyer behaviour has significantly changed as a result of the pandemic.

Here are just a few eye-catching stats:

74% of B2B buyers now research at least half of their work purchases online (Forrester)

43% of B2B buyers would prefer not to interact with a sales rep at all (Gartner)

Eight out of 10 B2B leaders report that new, remote sales models are at least as effective, if not more, than traditional models (Gartner)

This has resulted in a huge boom in B2B ecommerce. It’s valued at $7.72tn worldwide, and forecast to grow to $25tn by 2028. Remarkably, global B2B ecommerce revenues are six times those of B2C ecommerce revenues.

And yet, for B2B brands, selling online is far from the norm. Ultimately, there is some way to go before B2B digital experiences are consistently as good as the best B2C ones.So what are the secrets to succeeding in B2B ecommerce? We’ve been working with B2B brands over the past 20 years, helping them shift to an online selling model.

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