Shopify launches cross border e-commerce solution | IT Business

Shopify has unveiled Shopify Markets, an end-to-end cross-border commerce solution that aims to help independent merchants sell to consumers around the world.

The solution does that by enabling merchants of all sizes to identify, set up, launch, and optimize for selling to international markets from a single Shopify store.

Complexities such as currency conversion, language localization, providing local payment methods, and duty and import taxes can all act as barriers to effectively selling internationally. To minimize those barriers, Shopify says it is going global by default with the launch of Shopify Markets, which it describes as a centralized hub with all the tools needed for merchants to manage global commerce.

Shopify Markets, together with the existing solutions like international domains and multicurrency, aims to help remove the complexity of international commerce and to power cross-border commerce for Shopify merchants. The global e-commerce company says its merchants generated $20 billion in sales in 2020 using the two existing cross-border tools.

Source: Shopify launches cross border e-commerce solution | IT Business


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