More DTC brands are testing try-before-you-buy programs | Modern Retail

Startup DTC brands are trying to offer new customers a risk-free way to try their products. Much like Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe feature, try-before-you-buy programs allow customers to test their items for a period of time before getting charged for keeping them.

The concept isn’t necessarily new among direct-to-consumer brands, but until now was mostly applied to high end items like jewelry and watch brands. Over the past few months, fashion and beauty brands have joined the try-before-you-buy wave, partially thanks to new vendors in the space.

But the trend has been growing among DTC brands for a couple of years. Fragrance brand Snif, for instance, has become known for allowing customers to test products for seven days while they decide whether to keep them or not. While giving customers the option to return tested products is a risk, these brands are finding try-before-you-buy a worthwhile acquisition tool.

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